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Ceramic Molds, Ceramic Classes, Pottery, Ceramic Glaze Color, Clay, Kilns, Ceramic Bisque, Paint Pottery and more ..   

It's all about clay and fired arts.. This site is now a reference for fired art information.. pottery, ceramic molds, clay, ceramic glazes and more. The ceramic mold has a long history in creating  Ceramics Art.
   While it is true that we no longer are in the business of ceramic mold production.. we still have a love for Fired Arts.. and continue today to create projects in our studio..
 You will find many of our mold designs now available in bisque from many US bisque manufacturers. 
For 24 years we wrote informational newsletters monthly for our customers to keep them informed of trends we were seeing, and how to's to make their production of ware fast, fun and simple. Our intent is to document much of that information here.. as a current or historical reference to be used by all.  We will again begin sending out a newsletter from this site.. featuring site updates, and new personal projects Patty and Bob are working on. Please use the  form at the top of this page to sign up for our newsletter updates.. 
 Over 1500 different molds that were over 24 years designed to help clay artists produce ware that would stand the test of time as far as basic shape was concerned. We will continue to update the index here until all the information about each Boothe Mold design is available. Until that time you may search out mold numbers and info at the Boothe Direct Site.... however the prices and policies may not be current. 
  In August of 2006  ..Macky Molds took over the production of all of our mold designs..  Contact them directly for current prices and policies on the sales of Boothe Molds. 
 Today many budding clay artists begin their experience by decorating ceramic bisque... However as one gets more involved in fired art there is often a desire to know more about clay which leads one down the path of the wheel, slabbing, hand forming, and casting.  We have many step by step photo classes on casting, forming and decorating you can refer to the Ceramic classroom on the left index and enjoy your journey of knowledge.
What's old is new.. in ceramics. As we add content to this site watch for historical articles featuring clay artists and techniques from the past to be featured.  Bookmark this site and visit often as we indulge in the fired arts..

Patty and Bob Boothe.....


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